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Visiting Team Info

Welcome to Brier Creek Country Club.  Below is some information for visiting teams to understand our pool, and details for fellow TSA representatives to ensure the meet runs smoothly.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.


10601 Arnold Palmer Dr, Raleigh, NC 27617https://goo.gl/maps/RxEMkYi4Mdc91NAs7


Your team is welcome to park in the front lot along Arnold Palmer Dr.
Typically, this lot does fill up and then you're welcome to park on the pool side of Arnold Palmer or Club Hill Dr. It is preferred the visiting team park only on the tennis court side of Arnold Palmer Dr.

Map of Pool / Setup: See below picture, visiting team setup is on the non-blocks side of the pool and near the slide well. Home team will be on the side near the Swim Pavilion and the blocks.

Meet Admin Stuff:

  • We are NOT certified to operate at night according to Wake County.
    • This means we must stop the meet approximately 30 minutes past sunset, approximately 9:20 pm at the latest.
    • Please try and limit entries for your team so both teams can enjoy the entire meet, including the Free Relays.
    • We do everything we can to limit each event to 2 -3 heats maximum, would appreciate if you do the same.
    • Please encourage your kids to have non-tinted goggles handy if possible once the sun goes down
    • If we are running short on light/time as we progress thru the meet. We can discuss if we should consider swimming only main heats in Butterfly, and then go to Free Relays as those are always a kid favorite.
  • Typically, our coach will have meet maestro updated by Sunday night, and we can lock and merge the meet entries by noon on Monday. We can be flexible with this if you need, please contact Coach Pat (Copied).
  • Any updates to the meet after printing, will need to be updated with a paper change form so we can update accordingly. We will provide you them at the computer desk.
  • Computer entry is done under the Green Awnings behind the blocks. You’re welcome to sit your data entry folks and ribbon people there as well.

Timing System:

  • We have a Timedrops system with 16 keyfobs to allow both teams to use for timing. We do not use stop watches, but rather two timers per lane along with an Order Of Finish judge for each team.
  • Starting is automated by the starter, so timers only need to press the button to stop the time upon swimmers touching the wall.
  • We will import times into Maestro as quickly as feasible during the meet.  This typically is done within a few heats of an event and at that time will update swimtopia.  All times are considered not official until the conclusion of the meet.
  • We also recommend parents download the free app “Time Drops Live” (free) on Android/Apple to be able to follow the meet live.
    • This will provide a virtual ‘scoreboard’ like event experience that the parents and/or coaches and see the unofficial times instantly.
    • Of course, the times will be imported a few minutes after the event to Maestro, which updates Swimtopia as well.
    • The PIN will be set to “2023” for this meet. Once the meet starts you should search and find our teams name and use pin “2023” to connect.


We will print as recommended in the guide from TSA except for the items crossed out below, let me know if you have any comments or concerns:

Home team then Prints the following Official Meet Documents:

1.One Order Of Finish Judge Report. This is a 33 page document printed for Heat 1 only. This becomes the OOF report to be filled out together by the OOF judges and run to the Meet Admin table during the meet after events are completed.

2.1 set of single sided Heat sheets for Home team Clerk of Course – marked Master

3.1 set of single sided Heat sheets for Away team Clerk of Course – marked Master

4.Heat sheets for home volunteer’s use

5.Timer sheets for all lanes if used. Guidance is to print 4 to 5 events per page for the sake of timely entries into Meet Maestro.

6.Agreement of Score form if felt necessary.

7.Deck Change forms as needed.

If you have any other requests, please let me know and I will see if I can accommodate. If our printer is cooperating, we will reprint a copy of the master heat sheet for each clerk of course just before the meet start so we have one master updated with any scratches that may come in. Otherwise, the Clerk of Course master will be from the day prior.


  • 1 Timer for each lane. 1 Timer from each team will pair up for each lane.
  • We ask you to provide one to two people to do your ribbon sticking. We will print the labels for the ribbons, so your volunteer just needs to stick the label on the ribbon.
  • We also ask you provide a runner as well for DQ's and assorted tasks on your team.


The pool will be available for your team to warm up from 5:25 to 5:55.
We ask you to be out of the pool and have your team lined up for National Anthem and first relays as close to 6pm as possible given our light limitations.

Officials / Timers Meeting:

We will meet near the computer table at 5:45 behind the blocks for timer and officials meeting.


Our club provides Mulligans Grill and typically a swim meet special grab and go menu. Credit cards only will be accepted (MULLIGANS DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH). The 2023 menu can be found here:
Mulligan's 2023 Menu (invitedclubs.com)

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Swim Team Contact Info

Coach Pat G: 919-397-2354 E: [email protected]  

TSA Parent Rep: Phil Karam P: 919-454-4060 E: [email protected]

TSA Parent Rep: Allen Oliver P: 407-718-1769 E: [email protected] 

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