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    Seasoned and New Parents Info

       Team Suits this year. If your swimmer's size is unavailable, you may find one in solid black or one with these similar colors. If last year's suit still fits, Please wear that one.  You can look for this suit on SwimOutlet.com  IN GREEN/BLACK.

    Girls suit:https://www.swimoutlet.com/products/sporti-molecule-thin-strap-one-piece-swimsuit-22-44-8132050/?color=greenblack

    Boys suit: https://www.swimoutlet.com/products/sporti-molecule-splice-jammer-swimsuit-22-44-8132052/?color=greenblack

     Swim Fins:   https://www.swimoutlet.com/products/sporti-essential-floating-swim-fins-color-8201640

    General Information for New Families

    Equipment Swimmers will need:


    Have a clear pair (when swimming at meets and it gets dark) and tinted pair(for day time)

    When buying a pair of goggles, take them out of the box before you purchase them. Place the rubber rims of the goggle lens against your swimmer's face. If the goggles will suction to your swimmer’s eye sockets on their own, the goggles are probably a good fit.

    Goggles should be comfortable and they should not leak. If they are not, try different brands or different styles.

    Typically, the first thing to dry rot or break on a pair of goggles is the strap. There are alternatives to typical straps, including low cost bungee cords that are easier for swimmers of most ages to adjust.

    Buying a Competitive Suit

    How tight should it be? We personally recommend that suits should fit snugly when first tried on. After even a few practices, the water and chlorine will start to stretch the suit. If you want to use a team suit for multiple years, consider getting a practice suit off of the clearance rack and using that one on a daily basis! If a swimmer wears the same suite every day for practice, it's much less likely to make it through a second season.

    Suit + Goggle Care

    Soaking your suit and goggles in tap water for 5-10 minutes after each practice will greatly prolong the life of your swim gear.


    We recommend marking the tag or collar of your Team TShirt, your swimmer's Fins and towels with your swimmer's last name in bold  2" letters.. Especially your swim team TShirt since so many people have the same shirt. Also mark the front of fins with the last name, must be 1-2" inch letters.

    Mandatory Items for swimming!

    - Swimming Fins

    - Swim cap : Every swimmer should have a Brier Creek cap for meets. (included w registration

    - Googles, tinted and clear ones for meets after the sun goes down.

    - Competitive swim suit

         - For girls: one piece swimsuit (open or closed back is good)

         - For boys: Jammer or speedo is good

    - All of these items, except the team suit for this year, can be found on this website: https://www.swimoutlet.com/ or AllAmericanSwim Store in Cary.

    Swimmer's Ear

    What is it?

    Typically, swimmer's ear is a bacterial infection in the ear canal. Water that stays in the ear fosters bacterial growth, which is painful for the swimmer.

    Is it preventable?

    YES! In most cases, the bacteria is not in the water, it's already in the ear. The moisture just allows the existing bacteria to grow and spread. Talk with your pediatrician or pharmacist about the easiest ways to prevent swimmer's ear. Do the same thing if your child's ear is hurting/bothering them.


    Meet WarmUps: 

    Home – 11-18yr “Hop in” 4:45pm , 9-10yrs Hop in 5:00pm, 7-8, 5-6 at 5:15pm

    Away -  11-18yr “arrive” at 5:10pm Hop in at 5:30p, 10- 5yrs Hop in 5:40

    What is a “heat”?

    During competitions that have races, like swimming and running, athletes are divided into groups. Everyone that steps up to the diving block at the same time is part of the same group or heat.

    In summer swimming, each team is allowed to place three swimmers in the first or “main heat”. These six swimmers will race; the top three will score for their age group.

    Removing permanent marker

    After a meet, just spray sunscreen on your swimmer's arm and the marker will come right off!

    What food to bring to swim meets?

    Heavy foods: pizza, hamburger, greasy foods, do not help your swimmer, swim their best. We suggest:

    - Bagels

    - Veggie/ fruits

    - Water and a little bit of juice = gatorade

    - Granola bar

    Other meet tips

    - 1 towel to sit on 1 towel to dry on. Younger kids have age specific areas for them to sit to help things run smoothly. Look for their age group sign by Mulligan's grill.

    - Kids may need clear goggles for when it starts getting later and darker for meets

    - Make sure kids get their ribbons once they're done swimming that event

    - Don’t let kids go to bathroom unless the age group parent knows because they may have an event coming up

    Where can you sit?

    - We are on the starting block half of the pool

    - Please film your kids from the side of the pool

    - Please stay away from behind the starting blocks unless you’re an age group parent


    Parents please park in the lot BEHIND THE POOL, near the golf course, to make room for the visiting team in the front lot, when possible.


    - Check your Remind app for practice cancellations for bad weather

    - If it thunder/lighting at a meet we will be on a 30 minute delay, please wait in your cars or updates on the remind app

    - May get colder so please bring warmer clothes for swimmers like sweatpants and/or a sweatshirt

    - Rainy weather... kitchen trash liner to keep stuff in

    Fun tip for younger kids

    Bring your kids to BC Dairy Queen after home swim meets for ice cream if it fits in to your schedule! 

    If your swimmer(s) will be attending the meets, they MUST be marked as Attending in order to be entered in any events. Done on our BrierCreek SwimTopia website, under that specific meet. Mark them as attending/ or Not Attending if you will be on vacation.

    Home Meets:

    • Swimmer Check In and Set Up volunteers arrive @ 4:45 pm (check in at the table behind block #8 under the Green Awning)
    • Swimmers arrive and warm up @ 4:45pm for 11 and older, 5:00 pm 9-10yr, 5:10pm for 7-8yr, and 5-6yrs.
    • Meet starts @ 6:00 pm
    • Your swimmers events will be available on the SwimTopia mobile app.
    • Bring snacks, towels, goggles, cap (maybe UNO or another game to keep young ones occupied)
    • Please do not park in the front parking lot. We like to leave that open for visiting teams.
    • Extra sharpie to write your kid's Events, Heat and Lane on their arm if they need it. Age Group parents and Clerks of Course will get your swimmers to the block and in their proper lanes.
    • The swimmers are not supposed to be in the mushroom pool or baby pool during the meets. They also cannot be in the shallow area of the Main pool during the meet. They need to stay in their age group area so the Age Group Parents can find them for their upcoming events.

    Away Meets:

    • Swimmers arrive @ 5:00-5:10 pm
    • Warm-ups @ 5:20 pm
    • Meet starts @ 6:00 pm
    • Bring snacks, towels, goggles, cap (maybe UNO or another game to keep young ones occupied)
    • Extra sharpie to write your kid's Events, Heat and Lane numbers on their arms

    Can’t Attend Meet:

    If you are unable to volunteer, please find a replacement. The easiest way is to post on our FB page or to take a peek at the volunteer sheet to see if someone doing the same job can just switch dates. Be sure to let our coordinators know about the change to the schedule: Brittany Wells If your swimmers cannot attend the meet.

    Please text Coach Pat asap: 919.397.2354, Coach Ben 919.896.5929, or Brittany Wells 916.724.9243 our Volunteer Coordinator.


    If your swimmer is in a Medley Relay, please take note of the stroke order:
    Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle

    If you want to be an overachiever, you can also write your swimmers events on their arms. It goes: Event, Heat, Lane, Stroke. This is more for kids 11+ since other age groups have kid pushers.

    Heat Sheets/Age Group Parents:

    Just a reminder that 11+ swimmers will need to pay close attention when their events are coming up since that age group is left to be more independent and are expected to check in with their age group parent and /or check the meet sheet for their events, heats and lanes, themselves. We’ll have extra heat sheets near the blocks so that older swimmers can check their events, heats, and lanes.

    Parking at BC during a Home Meet:

    If you are driving, please park in the lot behind the pool until it is filled. We reserve the front lot for our guest team.

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    Swim Team Contact Info

    Coach Pat G: 919-397-2354 E: [email protected]  

    TSA Parent Rep: Phil Karam P: 919-454-4060 E: [email protected]

    TSA Parent Rep: Allen Oliver P: 407-718-1769 E: [email protected] 

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