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2024 Registration $165 + $10 TShirt Fee + (club tax)

You are about to register for this season’s 2024 Brier Creek Country Club Swim Team. If you are new to the Barracudas, please have your swimmer “tryout” with a coach, before you register your swimmer!!. 

Tryouts:  Dates:  Mon-Thurs 6:30pm, the weeks of May 20-23rd, May 28th-30th, Jun3rd-6th. Swimmers need only attend one day, to tryout." Meet the coaches at the pool.

The Swim Team program provides your child with a fun, social, and challenging summer experience. It is a time to encourage friendships and to provide a fun and social environment for the parents as well.

Swimmers must be 5yrs old by Jun 1st.

On this SwimTopia webpage you’ll get access to your own private account that will enable you to easily declare for swim meet attendance, sign-up for volunteer positions, see your swimmer’s swim times at meets, maintain your own contact information, and more.

Registration Fee for Swim Team and Development Team : $165 (includes Silicone Cap)  + $10 for swimmer TShirt + Tax.

Families will be billed the total of $175+Tax in fees by the Club. You must Include your Member ID # when registering.

After registering your swimmer(s), and getting confirmation, please GO TO MEET INFO and select each meet to say whether your swimmer will / will not be attending that particular meet. You can change this, attending status thru out the season if schedules change!! 

Swim Team Information, FAQ's:   We encourage all swimmers who have participated in a swim program and have learned at least 2 of the four competitive strokes to try out. **Due to the limited number of swimmers allowed per lane in practices, for safety measures, there is a limit to the size of the team and the number of swimmers per lane in practices.

Try-Outs: We encourage all swimmers who have participated in a swim program and have learned at least 2 of the four competitive strokes to try out. **Due to the limited number of swimmers allowed per lane in practices, for safety measures, there is a limit to the size of the team and the number of swimmers per lane in practices. Swimmers need only attend one day, to tryout." Meet the coaches at the pool. This is at the conclusion of swim team practices.  Read below for skill requirements in tryouts. 

If you have a conflict, contact Coach Pat @ [email protected] or Coach Ben @ [email protected]

**During tryouts, the coaches will assess the swimmer’s skills and appropriately place them on the Swim Team, Development Team or recommend swim lessons. Parents will be notified at the TryOut or in an email, of their swimmers evaluation.

Ages Requirements:     Must be 5yrs old by Jun 1st

5 & 6yrs - 1/2 to1 lap freestyle with some form of breathing to the side, body horizontal in water.

- Float independent on back for 5 seconds

- Tread water 5 seconds or swim a 2nd lap on back, or freestyle, or Breaststroke.

7-18yrs - 2 laps at least: 1- free, 1-back, breast or butterfly, plus Float and Tread water. Demonstrate your best entry into the water. (competitive dive, beginner sit dive, kneeling dive)

Parents / Guardians
  • New accounts will be sent an email confirmation message with instructions to set up a password.
  • At least one parent/guardian is required to volunteer.
  • Previously registered parents/guardians cannot be edited during registration. Please contact your team's admin to request edits.

Parent / Guardian Information

Parent / Guardian Information

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  • Previously registered athletes cannot be edited during registration. Please contact your team's admin to request edits.

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Swimmers MUST be marked as attending or not attending each of the 6 meets, this summer, for the Coach to be able to enter the swimmer in the meet marked as ATTENDING.

Will you go under each Dual meet scheduled for this summer, on this Brier Creek SwimTopia website, and Please Mark your swimmer(s) as attending or not attending EACH meet? *

Membership Type

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Member ID

Please enter your Member ID Number: You will be billed $165 + $10 (Tshirt) + (club tax), to your BCCC MEMBER account *

Life threatening allergies, asthma

List any life threatening allergies, or if your swimmer has Asthma and uses an inhaler. Please make sure swimmer has inhaler or epipen at practice or meets. (With older swimmers or with parent). *

Swimmer Responsibilities, Rules and Code of Conduct

Swimmers represent their parents, coaches and Brier Creek Country Club while at practices, and Swim Meets. Effort must be made to be courteous, kind and respectful when at practices and swim meets. 1. Attend practices! 2. Attend meets! 3. If your swimmer is unable to attend a meet, please notify coach via email/text at least 5 days in advance of the meet, when the meet sheet is made up, and/or on Swim Topia website. 4. All swimmers are responsible to clean up their trash and any left behind clothing at practices, home and away swim meets. Parents, please help insure trash is picked up from your swimmer’s team area. 5. All swimmers are expected to arrive for practice 10 minutes early to complete dry land exercises (25-50 pushups, 25 Jumptucks) , get caps/goggles on and be ready to “hop in.” Announcements and/or dry land exercises not completed before practice, are generally made at the end of practices. *

Swimmer Responsibilities at Swim Meets

1. Do your best to do your best, and that’s the best that you can do. 2. Brier Creek Swim Team Caps MUST be worn. 3. What to Bring: Wear team suit, bring team cap, two towels, team shirt, sweatshirt and pants for night air. Tinted goggles for sunlight hours, Clear goggles for night swimming. Games to play while waiting for your event. Snacks - Swimmers are encouraged to eat “light” during the swim meet (cooked pasta, bagel, fruit, NOT pizza or hamburgers.) and to hydrate after each race (sport drinks or watered down fruit juice). 4. Swimmers will check in upon arrival with the Volunteer Check-in Person. 5. Swimmers are only allowed in meet pool during warm-ups and to swim events. 6. Swimmers are not allowed in non-meet pools at any time during swim meets, unless instructed to do so by a coach. 7. Swimmers are to remain in team area, or cheering poolside. Failure to remain in these areas may result in removal from events. 8. Swimmers should see a coach after every event swam to receive feedback and/or instruction concerning the swim. 9. Swimmers should demonstrate good sportsmanship by congratulating others on their swims for both our team and the opposing teams. *

Parent Responsibilities at Swim Meets

1. All Parents are encouraged to wear Brier Creek colors especially if working the meet. 2. For swim meets, please have your child at the pool and ready to swim with swim cap on at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their warm-ups which begin at 5:00 pm for home meets and 5:30pm for away meets. All swim meets begin promptly at 6:00 pm. 3. Parents you are needed to volunteer at the meets your child/children is/are swimming in. 4. Ribbons your child has won will be handed out by a parent volunteer during the meet or will be available in ribbon box at practices 5. During the meet, swimmers can eat (light foods), play, etc. as long as they remain in their designated area. Please have your child remain in the designated area with their age group team members. This allows for ease and efficiency in lining up the children for their events. This also encourages team spirit and camaraderie among the team members. Parents can sit with their children in this area or volunteer as the Age Group Parents for an age group. 6. The Announcer will announce which event is coming up and the Age Group Parent will organize the swimmers and bring them to the area behind each starting block. 7. All Swim Meets follow the same Order of Events. 8. All swimmers must check in with the “Meet Check-In” volunteer upon arriving at the meet. 9. A "Master List" of events your child is swimming will be emailed a few days before the meet and also will be posted with the “check-in parent,” and posted on the pool deck. *** Not all swimmers will swim in Away meets. Check that your swimmer is swimming! 10. If your child will not be able to participate in a particular meet, PLEASE NOTIFY the coach early in the season, or as soon as possible if the swimmer becomes sick. Any swimmer failing to attend the meet without notifying the coach, may forfeit upcoming meet entries. 11. All swimmers will be entered to swim individual events and relays based on fastest times from previous meets, practice performance, and practice attendance (Brier Creek or Year Round team). The coaches do their best to create the fastest meet line up to allow the team to score the most points possible. 12. In the event of inclement weather, the TSA representatives and coaches may deem it necessary to cancel, delay or postpone a meet. You will get a text on your Remind and/or Swim Topia Apps with details of the rain delay. Make-up meets will generally be held the following night. *

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